Blockchain and BitCoin Conference Switzerland


While the whole world is waiting for something, we are acting!

L Meet the best experts and enthusiasts who are changing the history right now at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Geneva on February 21st 2018.

The Conference will gather some of the brightest experts of the cryptocurrency industry, well-known specialists in blockchain technology, and gurus of the crypto market, developers, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, and lawyers who will share their way of thinking concerning blockchain technology development across the globe.

The topics - that will be presented - will cover the analysis of the Crypto market, business solutions within FinTech achievements, cutting-edge technologies and technical aspects of working with the smart technology, the latest regulatory changes, Bitcoin mining and exchange.


Wixlar Team will be present, interacting with the attendees and explaining the bright future of Wilxar Services launching straight after the initial coin offering.


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