Wixlar participating in the event “Miss SuperTalent” Season 10


On the 4th of May 2018, Wixlar hosted the event "Miss SuperTalent" Season 10 in Songdo - South Korea. The event took place in a luxurious gala dinner of high society business men, future partners and investors.

Miss SuperTalent is a half yearly super talent and modeling search, participating in more than 30 different countries, high-profile media event with unique format showcasing fashion and talent. It has sights set on Superstars, Film stars, Pop Icons and Supermodels, the careers of its notable winners to become the face of L'Oreal and Vogue.

Each season, thousands of candidates across 160 countries participate in this extraordinary showcase that is launching a wave not just for a beauty pageant, but for a wave of Music, Fashion, Acting and Host Stage, Miss Supertalent Fashion Week, positioned the most practical entertainment showcase. MissSuperTalent.tv


The coming weeks will be super exciting with our company global tour and we will always keep you updated with our latest news.


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    정말 기대됩니다

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    대한 민국에서 엄청기대하고 있습니다

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