Wixlar’s massive exposure in Africa


The past few weeks we have been actively expanding in more Continents all over the world. We would like to congratulate our Africa reps and especially Mr. Nken in Cameroon and Mr. Jeremiah in Nigeria for their massive efforts and exposure of Wixlar in Africa.

A week ago Mr. Jeremiah hosted the first Wixlar Blockchain event in Nigeria with the participation of Wixlar coin holders and guests.

Also, today Mr. Nken in Cameroon was a guest speaker in one of the most popular radio stations of the country “Sweet FM 88.5”, where he explained the phenomenal growth of the Blockchain technology and especially the way Wixlar is contributing in international financial markets with low fee payments in services and products.


We, the Wixlar group, are consistently expanding the awareness of our vision globally and the efforts of individuals are highly appreciated. More services, products and partners in the near future will make 2019 the best year for Wixlar along with the prediction of the Blockchain markets rising from the first quarter of 2019.


Wixlar coin belongs to You. This is only the beginning and we all need to work collectively in marketing to the outside audience as much as we can, through adding and sharing our news on Social Media, inviting our circle of influence to look into our website, registering and understanding the future that Wixlar is aiming to build for the people.

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A few more events will be announced in the near future, so stay tuned with our latest news.


The coming weeks will be super exciting with our company global tour and we will always keep you updated with our latest news.

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