Wixlar 파트너 “UAE 부품 포털”


Wixlar Group is proud to announce another new partner, this week, accepting Wixlar Coins as a payment method.

UAEpartsportal offers parts and accessories of different car type, either through ordering online or physically visiting the stores. Now, Wixlar community can order their car spare parts and accessories and pay with Wixlar coins.

View UAE Parts Portal Website

Companies globally are starting to accept Wixlar Coin as a payment method and benefit from thousands of people of the Wixlar Community. With the help of our community, more and more partners will be added on the Partners Page on our website.


How to introduce a new Partner?

Fill the form at the bottom of Partners page on our website, and we will call you to explain the benefits for both of us in collaborating.

Alternatively send us an email on [email protected]

Partners Advantages

Individuals or Companies that will become our partner, will start getting known to our thousands of people of Wixlar Community and not only, offering their Companies 8 benefits and global exposure in partnering together.


The coming weeks will be super exciting with our company global tour and we will always keep you updated with our latest news.

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