Wixlar 在 BTC-Alpha Exchange 上市!

我们非常自豪地宣布Wixlar Coin在我们在维也纳举行的2019年欧洲区块链活动会议后立即在BTC-Alpha Exchange上市! 这实际上是一项成就,即便我们也没想到会如此迅速地发生。 很少有硬币可以在BTC-Alpha Exchange上市,专注于交易所上市的加密货币的质量和愿景。


We are very proud to announce that Wixlar Coin was listed on BTC-Alpha Exchange right after our meeting together at the Europe Blockchain Event 2019 in Vienna! This is actually an achievement that even us did not expect to happen so rapidly. Very few coins make it to be listed on BTC-Alpha Exchange that focuses on the quality and vision of the cryptocurrencies listed on their exchange.

Trade WIX-BTC on BTC-Alpha Today

Trade WIX-ETH on BTC-Alpha Today

Wixlar Coin belongs to YOU, this is only the beginning and we all need to work collectively in marketing to the outside audience as much as we can, through sharing our news on Social Media, inviting our circle of influence to look into our website and understand the future that wixlar is aiming to build for the people.


If you own any Business and you want to be a part of our PARTNERS program, please send us an email and we will contact you to explain the benefits that we can provide to your business.

Let’s go out there and show to the world what we all can achieve together!


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