The Wixlar Rewards

Looking for a way to get Wixlar Coins for Free through some easy tasks and assignments, Wixlar Rewards are here for you.
How to participate?

Marketers and Authors that achieve certain targets will be rewarded with Wixlar Coins.

Any limits?

Wixlar is placing no limits on rewards to everyone.


Take a photo in a Touristic Place while wearing a T-shirt or a Sign that contains Wixlar Logo.


Make a video with your opinion about Wixlar Coins in any language.


Make a video explaining any of the Wixlar Services.


Write an Article about the BlockChain Technology or Crypto Currency Field with references and how does Wixlar supports that type of financial future.


Write an Article and post it for at least 7 days about Wixlar on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google+ on your profile or on a crypto currency group.


Post a Banner or Text ad on your website or Blog for 7 days.


Improvise! Surprise us with your creative ideas in spreading the word about Wixlar.

Tasks Rewards

*According to the engagements or the professionalism of your tasks, you will be rewarded from 10 to 1,000 Wixlar Coins per task.

How to send the Tasks?

Send us the link of your tasks to [email protected] with your Wixlar Wallet Address.

By sending us your tasks, you hereby that Wixlar Marketing Team can use this Material for marketing purposes.
Rewards are being reviewed and processed within 7 days.
Start doing some easy tasks today in order to get Wixlar Coins for free